Poor Ferrari or Poor Man’s Ferrari?

Black Ferrari F355 GTSPLEASANT GROVE – The Ferrari F355 was built from 1994-99 and was the successor to the F348.  The F355 is a mid-engine, real-wheeled drive, V-8 powered machine.  It was offered in several models and this particular one shown is the GTS , released in 1995.  The GTS is based off the Berlinetta but offered a targa-style roof instead.  Over 2,500 models were made, most of them being sent to the US, but until now, I had never seen one in person. As I passed by the house it was parked at, I flipped around and pulled over to get a better look.  I even went knocking on the door of the presumed owner, unfortunately nobody was home to answer any of my questions.  Because I had plenty. [Read more…]