10 Utah Car Shows you CANNOT Miss in 2017

Red Rocks Car Show

With nearly 500 car shows in Utah last year, it can be hard knowing which one’s to attend.  Once we hit the summer months, you can expect as many as 15 car shows in one weekend.  Because this can be overwhelming, we’ve put together a list of 2017 car shows you cannot miss.  These shows will have variety, great atmosphere’s, tons of activities, charity events, and enthusiasts out to have a good time. As a reminder, full information for each show can be found on our 2017 Car Shows Page, including directions, pricing, and flyers.  Here are 9 shows this summer that you cannot miss.

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Miller Motorsports Park Saved by Chinese Group

Utah Motorsports Group Logo

In May, we got word that Miller Motorsports Park would be seeing the end of its days as the organization announced it would not renew their lease at the end of the 2015 season. This immediately sent us all into a frenzy, wondering what would happen to the greatest venue in the state of Utah. Rumors started flying and people started making plans to enjoy an event at MMP one last time.

On Wednesday, Tooele County officials announced the sale of the 511-acre MMP for $20 million to Geely Automotive. [Read more…]

Poor Ferrari or Poor Man’s Ferrari?

Black Ferrari F355 GTSPLEASANT GROVE – The Ferrari F355 was built from 1994-99 and was the successor to the F348.  The F355 is a mid-engine, real-wheeled drive, V-8 powered machine.  It was offered in several models and this particular one shown is the GTS , released in 1995.  The GTS is based off the Berlinetta but offered a targa-style roof instead.  Over 2,500 models were made, most of them being sent to the US, but until now, I had never seen one in person. As I passed by the house it was parked at, I flipped around and pulled over to get a better look.  I even went knocking on the door of the presumed owner, unfortunately nobody was home to answer any of my questions.  Because I had plenty. [Read more…]

The Punisher is Born

Lindon Collision Center Car Show
LINDON – Three and a half years ago, Eric, owner of Lindon Collision Center, and his brother, wanted a project.  It didn’t take them long until they decided on a 1972 Dodge Challenger.  Bringing it back to the shop they burned maybe too much rubber and immediately started evaluating it.  Not soon after it entered the garage doors a friend stopped by and instantly received a vision for the old Challenger.  Today, Lindon Collision Center presents to you, The Punisher. [Read more…]

Strange 3-Wheeled Car Rolling through Utah Streets

OREM – Local car enthusiast Chris Redd noticed a strange 3-wheeled vehicle over the weekend in Orem, Utah while his mom took video of the mystery machine from her vehicle while driving.  “Wow, it’s all covered up like a prototype.  As I kept watching the video I noticed it had a front similar to that of a Porsche or Volkswagen but I knew it couldn’t be a Porsche”, says Chris. [Read more…]