The Punisher is Born

Lindon Collision Center Car Show
LINDON – Three and a half years ago, Eric, owner of Lindon Collision Center, and his brother, wanted a project.  It didn’t take them long until they decided on a 1972 Dodge Challenger.  Bringing it back to the shop they burned maybe too much rubber and immediately started evaluating it.  Not soon after it entered the garage doors a friend stopped by and instantly received a vision for the old Challenger.  Today, Lindon Collision Center presents to you, The Punisher.

1972 Dodge ChallangerFirst, a little history on how this work of art came to be. The Challenger was to be a completely custom job.  It was torn apart to be evaluated for rust, damage, and any other underlying issues and soon after was prepped for extensive body work, a coat of primer, and a bumpy road.  Eric says he’s had two main goals in life besides a family, “My first goal was that I always wanted a body shop, every since I was a kid.  Second, I’ve always wanted to put a car in a magazine, preferably on the cover.  I’ve always wanted that”.  Eric had no idea what he and his staff would create in less than four years’ time.

Soon after fitting the suspension and changing a few aesthetics, Eric hired Walker, a young kid who knew his way around metal. The exterior finally began to get its shape.  While still maintaining the stunning curves of a Challenger, the car became a one-of-a-kind.

Originally the big 440 engine was constructed to handle a NOS system along with several other modifications.  Before the engine was finished, the friend with the vision walked in and voiced his opinion another way.  It wasn’t what he wanted in the car, it had more potential.  A twin turbo it was.

72 Dodge Challenger - STS TurboAfter tearing down what was almost a completed project, it was decided that Eric and his crew would head down to STS to purchase a twin turbo, rear-mounted system to put on the muscle car.  The turbos were mounted underneath the car, a 3” pipe was run all the way back and as crew member Brandon puts it, “We took STS and made it beautiful”, and beautiful it is.

The Punisher has a 727 transmission, an Edelbrock fuel injector, and is fitted with a custom roll cage.  The roll cage is mounted to the walls of the engine bay and runs throughout the car being hidden from sight.  For wheels it has 19”F & 20”R Michelin tires fitted with DPE rims, with Magnum force suspension in the front and Art Mortensen suspension in the back with strange gears & coil over shocks.  The best part of the car is the front and the rear.  Not only was it fitted with headlights & taillights taken from a 2009 Challenger, but the custom work put into both ends is absolutely stunning.  That’s all breath taking, but how does it sound?  “This thing is louder than a NASCAR” says Eric & Brandon proudly.

Lindon Collision 72 Punisher 404Did I mention that this car is completely custom?  If I haven’t, the interior gives it away.  The interior of the Punisher is another piece of art itself.  Inside you’ll instantly notice the black Dodge Viper racing seats, blue LED’s, gauges, & switches, stud aligned trim on the doors and center console, and the sound system hidden behind the seats.  The inside is simple but punishing at the same time.

To awe over the interior some more, you can’t see the custom roll cage.  It was built in into the frame, being hidden beneath the carpet of the car and along the upper framework as well.  Only by the rear window can two bars be notice going straight into the trunk area.  At least we can say the Punisher is stable

There are no numbers for horsepower or torque yet as the car has not been tuned.  After the car show this Friday, May 11, where it will be on display, it will be taken back to the garage for some final evaluations and tuning.  Until then, enjoy the Punisher.

If you’re interested in attending the car show click here for the flyer.

  • Scott

    Pretty Sweet story and the ride is amazing! My dream is to buy a run down 1972 chevy camaro and fix it up. Maybe someday 🙂